Usually Journal Entry will calculate a G/L Account of all items in one invoice and add them up to this G/L Account like below. Here I have a A/P Invoice with two lines of same item in different price.



But what if accountant or manager want more details about this invoice? How about create Journal Entries which can reflect the document lines? After SAP Business One 9.2, we are able to do it!

Go to Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > General tab, find “Split Journal Entry Posting by Document Lines” and choose “Split in Journal Entry Preview Only” or “Split”. Also you may cancel it anytime by choosing “No Split”.


After choosing “Split”, you will see each document row will be reflected by a separate row, even with the same G/L Account. I created the same A/P Invoice but chose “Split”, and here is the Journey Entry.


by MTC Systems on Jul 10, 2016 2:41:16 PM

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