Inventory is an important direction of most of the manufactural companies. Inventory counting and tracking can be helpful in determining profit, optimizing production and purchasing, preventing shrinkage and so on. Usually two mean steps are included when deal with inventory. First step is to count the actual inventory and then we also need to identify inconsistencies and take respective actions.

Base on the characteristic we talked above, SAP Business One include a part called Inventory in main menu which include will the function above.

Then choose Inventory > Inventory Transactions > Inventory Counting Transactions, you may find Inventory Counting and Inventory Posting.


Inventory Counting

Like the figure below, you may choose two modes, add and find. Both modes have counting types as Single Counters and Multiple Counters. When you choose Multiple Counters, you may add other person who also in charge of counting and compare their counts like below.


Inventory Counting also allows data from external files, such as Excel. In this way, you may adjust counted quantities as well.

Inventory Posting

Inventory Posting is used to create a document when gaps are found during the inventory count to notify the SAP Business One users. Clicking Inventory Posting in the menu is always used to start on a blank inventory posting document.


When create an inventory posting document based on an existing counting document, we can also use Copy to in Inventory Counting window.


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