The implementation of any piece of enterprise software can often be a daunting prospect for the client, and you will undoubtedly have many questions:

  • How and where do we start?
  • Who does what in this project?
  • How do we manage the project and business risks involved?
  • How to build internal expertise?
  • How do we ensure success?

We understand our role to provide the highest level of expertise to support you from the start.

SAP’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIP)

We follow SAP’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIP) – proven implementation methodology specifically designed for SAP Business One.

  • Accelerated SAP (ASAP) is SAP’s standard implementation methodology. It contains the Roadmap – a step-by-step guide that incorporates experience from many years of implementing business systems.
  • Accelerated SAP contains a multitude of tools, accelerators and useful information to assist all team members in implementing SAP Business One. Quality checks are incorporated at the end of each phase to easily monitor deliverables and critical success factors.



  • Eliminates surprises and overruns in time or budget
  • Enables straightforward migrations and integration, with few interruptions and low user stress
  • Increases project transparency

We will guide you through the process of implementing SAP Business One and continue to support you once it’s up and running, through our customer support program.

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