Tips When Reading Forms in SAP Business One

Nov 10, 2017 2:34:25 PM

It can be inconvenient when you company receives a document with a long list of items. Finding a specific item can also be difficult. From SAP Business One 9.1, we have added some new features and tips to make things become even easier.

Maximize/Restore Grid

Have you ever notice the icon at the top right corner of a form? This little icon is called “Maximize/Restore Grid” and it can help you maximize your form as shown below.

Tips When Reading the Form in SAP Business One-1.png

Order by Column

If the number of items in your form is huge, it can be difficult to find the specific item you want.Finding your target item may not be instant, but these tips will  help. Just double click the column bar you want to sort and that column will be ordered. You will also see a little arrow which indicates whether it is sorted in increasing or decreasing order.

Tips When Reading the Form in SAP Business One-2.png


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