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Data Integration

FineReport delivers multi-data source correlation, cross-database and cross-data sheet access and the simple application of multi-business system data; it also integrates related businesses data into one report, enabling more data to be applied in operation analysis and business control.


Data Collection & Data Modeling

The report designer allows the user to design the required reports in a flexible and simple way. The data decision-making system enables common access and management of reports and achieves the data analysis requirements across a vast scope of business scenarios.


Data Display

Data can be accessed via PC or mobile terminals. To improve the reading of report data and the exploration of data value, FineReport offers such functions as the analysis of a wide variety of charts, drill-through analysis, multi-dimensional analysis, custom analysis, and real-time analysis.

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Pain Points of Data Application

① Business system data is too fragmented, which makes it difficult to use effectively 

② The traditional way to integrate  report data is to use SQL + Excel, which is inefficient and inaccurate

③ Unable to fulfill reporting needs because of changeable market environment and business requirements

④The lack of a unified reporting management portal will impede forming a global data vision to support decision-making


Use FineReport to create reports quickly and flexibly, build an unified data decision-making and management platform, and include more data into business operations and decision-making.

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Pain Points of Report Development in Projects

① Writing code or using open source software frequently leads to bugs

② Custom developed code or open source software can be inflexible and cannot be easily adapted in response to needs

③ The labor intensive task of developing custom reports overtaxes resources leading to burnout and turnover

④ After turning custom developed reporting over to the customers, they lack the experience and knowledge to maintain it, leading to a poor customer experience


Using FineReport, quickly develop reports that are seamlessly integrated into various types of systems. FineReport can, not only speed up the progress of the project, but also ensure that the reporting system is scalable and maintainable.

Solve the problem of enterprise report application

The dilemma of data application

① The data is too scattered to use effectively

② Making report manualy is of low efficiency and poor accuracy

③ Unable to meet various reporting needs

④ Lack of enterprise-level report management portal

The dilemma of report development

① Frequent system bugs

② Limited Software functions and poor capacity to meet more demands

③ Heavy workload and low development efficiency

④ Difficult to maintain subsequently

Designed for enterprise data analysis


Enterprise reporting platform

A simple, efficient, and intelligent reporting tool for fast building enterprise-class Web reporting platforms.


Global business analysis

Conduct targeted data analysis for each business segment, such as financial analysis, sales analysis, production analysis, and so on.


Unified data management

Easily integrate multi-source data to form a global data horizon and realize enterprise data intelligence operation.


Mobile data analysis

Quickly build enterprise-specific mobile data applications to improve office efficiency.


Large screen

A cool way to display data in monitoring centers, convention centers and other scenarios.


Embeded business application

Powered by finereport, build various data applications such as attendance systems, ordering applications, and more.