SAP Industry Solutions

Every industry has its challenges. Different procedures, different industrial standards, and different national standards make each industry face its own problems. MTC is here to help industries with a range of industry solutions designed specifically for SAP Business One. Each industry solution is designed with your company’s needs, industry standards, and government legislation in mind and has been proved for years.

Started more ten years ago, MTC has grown from just an office in China into a world-wide company. We have offices in Delaware, New York, California, Georgia, and South Carolina, and more than 10 offices in China. Our experience and detailed knowledge in industry will ensure SAP Business One is a fit for your specific needs and processes.


Cannot find your industry listed here? Don’t worry, the list above doesn’t include all the information. With over 1000 addons which are designed to work with all industries, SAP Business One will cover your needs. Contact a certified MTC consultant today to find out how SAP Business One can be customized to support your business!

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