Wholesale distribution companies face a rapidly changing world. They must move goods quickly and efficiently while at the same time trying to anticipate future demands. Too many of them face this challenge with a fragmented or limited tool set, such as back-office accounting software paired with various specialized solutions or an aging ERP that has been pushed to its functional limits.

These businesses not only have quickly changing trends to adapt to, but they also have murky or opaque data and inefficient processes holding them back. 

MTC Systems excels at bringing unparalleled data clarity to wholesale distributors and turbocharging their efficiency with SAP Business One for distribution. With integrated systems, pervasive data analytics, and best of class warehouse management tools, SAP Business One helps wholesale distributors run simple.

Accelerate Your Distribution Processes

Optimize Warehouse Operations

Streamline pick and pack procedures and maximize your use of warehouse bin space

Business Intelligence

See your data in real-time; Sales orders, sales forecasts, inventory levels, financial data and more at your fingertips

Integrated Systems

A unified system means that data, entered once, is available for use in all departments.

Reduce Inventory Size

Eliminate over-stocking and under-stocking. Know the necessary amount in each warehouse to satisfy sales requirements.

A Comprehensive Distribution Solution

Device Integrations

Integration with multiple devices—such as RF terminals, touchscreens, weighing scales, label printers, cranes, conveyors etc—means boosted efficiency and rapid execution.

Catch Weight Management

Goods with variable measurement—such as fresh produce or meats—can be managed by both count as well as weight of items.

Quality Management

An ideal solution for regulated industries such as food and pharmaceutical, the solution offers quality status control, audit trail, tracking & tracing, batch/serial numbers, and shelf-life management.

Third Party Logistics

Handle multiple owners and multiple warehouse locations. Bill according to weight, volume, or owner. Also perform cross docking, order consolidations, and warehouse transfers.

EDI Integration

EDI integration between your purchaser and vendor means an instant transfer of marketing documents between parties and rapid fulfillment, eliminating manual entry and human error.

Picking & Packing

Large and complex operations can operate multiple picking strategies such as zone picking, multi-picking, and wave picking. Effortlessly scan bar codes with handheld devices.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and storerooms, yet have a single view of stock at all locations. Min/Max levels and automatic replenishment means your inventory never goes outside of prescribed levels.


Plan delivery routes for efficiency and track vehicles' physical location at all times for security. Integration with popular shipping software means simple shipping rate shopping and shipping automation. Cross docking cuts out intermediate steps for instant savings.

Business Intelligence

Using the BI tools on SAP Business One on HANA, get a clear view of any aspect of your business with always-open analytics dashboards. Further, web-based analytics dashboards automatically send reports at prescribed intervals.

Warehousing Solutions

Advanced solutions make SAP Business One a perfect fit for a wide variety of wholesale distribution enterprises.
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Advanced Warehousing Solution for SAP Business One 

This is the complete warehousing and logistics solution for the large-scale or specialized warehousing and distribution enterprise. With advanced functionality such as multiple picking strategies, cross docking, advanced shipping notification, and more, it will bring order to the most complicated warehouse.
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WMS Scan Gun System for SAP Business One

This lightweight solution is quick to implement and will immediately bring value to the small to midsize enterprise. The high-performing mobile based system lets warehouse workers perform tens of thousands of inventory transactions against the company database, keeping your SAP Business One system updated in real-time.
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