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SAP Business One Features to Revolutionize Manufacturing

For small to mid-sized enterprises with manual processes, the management workload becomes more and more acute until the old methods that made the companies successful in the past can no longer keep them growing. SAP Business One's manufacturing functionality gives its users the ability to achieve a quantum leap in efficiency with automation and planning power.

Production Planning

Plan your production according to available inventory, labor, and machinery. Easily run "what if" simulations and reschedule production.

BI Dashboards

As the volume of your data grows, having a clear view of it becomes vital. SAP Business One's BI Dashboard gives you insight into every facet of your workflow.


Easily create quotes for product variants with a Product Configurator that guides the sales team using a simple rules-based Q&A interface.

Quality Control

Plan, execute, and record quality tests throughout the entire production process to track vendor performance, part or batch quality, customer complaints, etc.

Time Tracking and PDC

Manage production on the factory floor with touchscreen devices. Track labor according to tasks. Record production issues and receipt of items for production.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Use handheld scanners to pick and pack items for shipping, receive shipments into inventory, and record item location in bins.

Capacity Planning

Show used, unused, and available capacities with colorful charts in order to ensure the most efficient use of production resources.

Cost Accounting

Track costs by cost centers and calculate profit contribution by customer, order, and item. Determine actual hourly costs and compare them to planned costs.

APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling)

View production time and resource allocation in a graphical interface. Drag and drop to reschedule according to resource constraints and order urgency.

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Please Your Customers

With clear insight into company resources and capacity, make accurate promises to customers and then fulfill them for a better customer experience.

Get Insights Into Production Data

What items are most profitable? Which cost more? What items receive the most complaints from customers? What items have seasonal spikes in demand? Know all your data.

Reduce Downtime

With a clear view of inventory, never run out of materials when you need them. Better production planning means fewer resources waiting for others to finish their step of the process.

Track Resources

Know what items and are in low supply and order them before it's too late. Know the capacity of resources and reorder jobs according to need.

Get Full Traceability

Trace products from the vendor and the raw material to the customer who bought them, and trace them back for better quality assurance.

Maximize Use of Resources

Capacity planning with SAP Business One will ensure that you have fewer idle resources and a more efficient process.