SAP Business One includes purchase order requisition functionality.

Purchase Request Scenario.

  1. Sales team needs 2 tablets.
  2. Management approval is required.
  3. Purchase request is saved as a draft.
  4. Once approved, the draft is converted to purchase request.
  5. The buyer runs purchase request report.
  6. Since item is not in stock, the buyer creates a purchase order.

This functionality allows users to create a purchase requests.

purchase request in sap business one 9.0

The purchase order request will notify the purchasing department that a request for purchase has been made.

Assume that Brett is working in the SAP Business One department at Leverage Technologies and wants to order 3 new IBM printers. Brett will go into the SAP Business One – purchasing – A/P menu and click on Purchase request.  The purchase request document in SAP Business One allows Brett to complete the required information

  • What items does Brett want to purchase?
  • The required date for the purchased items?
  • The quantity of items being purchased?
  • The department for which the items are being purchased?
  • The item price and description.

When the purchase request document is added, SAP Business One workflow will dictate the authorisation requirements for the document approval.

By clicking on the “send e-mail” button on the SAP Business One purchase request form, the user will be notified when the purchase order or goods receipt PO is created.

Purchase Request Report can be used to list all open purchase requests and create purchase quotations.

The purchasing manager can create a purchase quotation or purchase order directly from the Purchase Request Report.

SAP Business One - Purchase Requests

PS: User can right click on the item on the Purchase Request Report and get information related to the item including – inventory status, available to promise, alternative items, last prices report and discount group report.

Another way is to use purchase quotation generation wizard, it allows the purchasing department to consolidate purchase quotations and purchase orders for multiple purchase requests.

Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard

SAP Business One - Purchase Requests Demo Video


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