Recurring Transactions in SAP Business One

Nov 9, 2015 12:02:13 PM

For most of companies, especially manufacture companies, selling or purchasing items periodically is normal activities. Consider about this situation, SAP Business One has recurring transactions, which will record a sample and show up based on a certain period.

The Recurring Transactions can be found under sales, purchasing and inventory documents.


Recurring Transactions - Templates


Here is the window you are able to make and change your template. You can make the template from Sales Quotation to A\R Reserve Invoice in Sales, and so do Purchasing and inventory parts. Also, notice that the period, recurrence date, start date and next execution is available.

Confirmation of Recurring Transactions

After you finish all you template and set up the dates. You may go to confirmation of recurring Transactions and check which occurrences needed to be done today.



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