Reconciliation Date in SAP Business One

Feb 15, 2016 1:19:48 PM

The General Ledger Report is made up of a General Ledger Summary and General Ledger Exceptions and shows a list of the accounts that have transactions by selecting the date range. In SAP Business One, the default setting of the balance due when generating the General Ledger Report is according to the “TO” date you defined. But SAP Business One allow you to consider both the balance due in the defined date and the reconciliation date of the transactions.

Go to Financials > Financial Reports > Accounting > General Ledger or go to Report > Financials > Accounting > General Ledger, and click “Consider Reconciliation Date” bottom.


If the “TO” date is earlier, the transaction is shown as unreconciled.

If the “TO” date is later, the transaction is shown as reconciled.


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