Manage Menu in SAP Business One

Apr 24, 2016 2:56:06 PM

How many items do you need in SAP Business One? Up to 80%? Even less? Actually, most of the users only need a few the functions which related to their work, and some functions cannot be reached since authorization. Hide the useless function and make your menu clearer may be efficient for your work, what do you think?

To go to “From Setting - Main Menu” in SAP Business One, you can click “Spanner” icon at the top corner of the Main Menu Window in SAP HANA.


Or click the “Form Setting” icon at the tool bar in SAP Business One(MS SQL).


The “Form Setting – Main Menu” displays the Main Menu entries in different levels. You may expand the items, deselect the items you don’t need and update, and for unauthorized items, you may click “Apply Authorization” to hide these items.



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