General Shortcuts

Shortcut Task
Ctrl + 0 (zero, not the letter O) Display the SAP Business One main menu
Ctrl + P Print the current document, report, journal entry
Ctrl + J Display transaction journal
Ctrl + Q Exit SAP Business One
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Type letters in name or description field * Tab Find customers or items that start with a certain letter
Hold down Ctrl and click all desired items Select multiple items
Ctrl + Shift + U View user-defined fields
Ctrl + right arrow View the next document or record
Ctrl + left arrow View the previous document or record
Ctrl + A Change to add mode (if displaying document or master data, opens a blank document or master data screen)
Ctrl + F Change to find mode
Ctrl and double-click field name Change a field name
* and Tab Enter today’s date in a date field
Day of month and Tab Enter a date in the current month
Day and month and Tab Enter a date in the current year
Shift and click X in window’s upper right corner Close all windows except the SAP Business One main menu
SHIFT + F2 Triggers formatted search (User defined Value)
ALT + SHIFT + F2 User defined Value Setup for this field


Table Shortcuts

Shortcut Task
Ctrl + I Add a row
Ctrl + M Duplicate a row
Ctrl + K Delete a row
Double-click column header Sort table by column in ascending order
Alt + double-click column header Sort table by column in descending order
Ctrl + L Display detailed information about a row
Ctrl + H Go to the first row
Ctrl + E Go to the last row
CTRL + UP arrow Copy value from upper field in a table
CTRL + Down arrow Copy value from lower field in a table
CTRL + TAB Select a card in a journal entry


Shortcuts in Sales and Purchasing Documents

Shortcut Task
Ctrl + L Open Line details window
Ctrl + H Move to the first row in the table
Ctrl + E Move to the last row in the table
Ctrl + G Open Gross Profit window
Ctrl + Y Open Payment Means window
Ctrl + W Open Volume and Weight window
Ctrl + N Open base document
Ctrl + T Open target document
Ctrl + U Move to business partner code field
Ctrl + R Move to the Remarks field
Ctrl + Tab in Item Quantity field Choose a serial number for an item
Ctrl + Tab in Item Price field Check the latest prices
Ctrl + Tab in Item No. field Display alternate items
Ctrl + Tab in Warehouse field Display all warehouses and quantities
After clicking the moneybag icon to specify an incoming payment, press Ctrl + B to copy the amount into the document Copy an amount when entering a payment

Formatted search

Shortcut Task
SHIFT + F2 Open Line details window
CTRL + B Open Document Settings window
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