Implementation Center in SAP Business One

Oct 25, 2015 12:57:13 PM

Implementation Center allowed you to streamline and simplify the implementation process in SAP Business One.

Find Implementation Center

Choose Administration > System Initialization > Implementation Center and you may find the following choices:

  • Implementation Tasks: Consolidates the Implementation tools in one shell.
  • Implementation Project: Provides the consultant a checklist to follow while implementing SAP Business One at the customer site.  This checklist is based on SAP best-practice methodology (AIP) for implementing projects.
  • Configuration Management: save the configuration settings of a company, view a report detailing the configuration settings, and compare the configuration settings of a company at different points in time.
  • Path Setting: define the locations of the various files and directories that the application requires to perform implementation tasks.

Implementation Tasks

Implementation Tasks allows you following specific instruction and finish implementation process.


In implementation tasks, we have 3 main directions: Configuration, Customization, and Data management.


Configure Company Settings use Express Configuration Wizard, which can be used to create a new company or to configure an existing company. Express Configuration Wizard can be considered as horizontal solution, where the configuration varies between customers and thus each implementation is different. Express Configuration Wizard can be used when start a new project at the customer, which will guide the consultants through important steps in the Administration module. Package a Preconfigured Solution Using Solution Package can package a company and deploy a new company from scratch. Usually Solution Packager is used in vertical/micro-vertical solutions.

Data Management

Migration data from Legacy systems use the tool DTW(Data Transfer Workbench), which migrate from 3rd party systems and used for ongoing data import. Copy Data between companies allows you copy data between 2 existing SAP Business One companies and can be used instead of Copy Express add-on.


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