Hierarchical Bin Location Content List in SAP Business One

Apr 10, 2016 3:11:31 PM

The bin location content list in SAP Business One provides you with full control over the inventory in your bin locations. It allows you to view the inventory status of bin locations, access the inventory posting list, replenish the inventory in bin locations, clear the inventory from bin locations, and so on.

When you go to Inventory > Inventory Reports > Bin Location Content List, usually the bin location content list in SAP Business One look like this:


But after version SAP Business One 9.1, you may choose “Hierarchical” in the “Report View” under “Bin Location Content List” window. In this way, you will see more details about how the inventory distributed, adjust the column order and much more.


If you see the below of window, you are able to expand the table by your need, choose inventory posting list, make inventory transfer and so on.


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