Display KPIs in SAP Business One

Jul 5, 2015 8:45:56 PM

KPIs are important!

KPI, Key Performance Indicator, play a very important part in Performance Plan. Based on 80/20 rule, KPIs can help you better understand how efficient the company works and give you the direction of improvement.

Start using KPIs in SAP Business One

KPIs are useful to company operation and once you’ve selected your key business metrics, you will need a real-time reporting tool to track these KPIs in. SAP B1 can help you.

At first, Choose the KPIs you want and put them into the widget gallery


Secondly, Click Pervasive Analytics icon and set the parameters



Finally, play with it



  1. SAP provides prebuilt KPIs but you can design your own in the Pervasive Analytics Designer.
  2. You can base KPIs on three types of data sources: analytic views, calculation views or user-defined queries.
  3. In the KPI definition, you can set goals, trends, filters, parameters, and display colors.
  4. You may add new KPI, new Dashboard or new Advanced Dashboard in Pervasive Analytics Design.



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