Data Ownership in SAP Business One

Jul 23, 2016 2:04:48 PM

Have You seen famous TV Show “Modern Family”? Do you remember how many times Jay talks about “closets, closets, closets, closets” and the boss, Earl Chambers, who betrayed Jay and stole all business cards? Well, I don’t want it happen to any of you, but we all know how important to keep our business safe and secure, don’t we?

SAP Business One can help you to keep your business safer by managing the authorizations of relevant data. Go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > BP tab.


Enable Data Ownership allow manager to limit the access to BP and documents based on BP owners. You can decide to manage data ownership by document, BP, or both. The choice “Allow BP Without an Owner” allow you not to assign the owner, and every will see this BP.

Also, go to Administration > System Initialization > Authorizations > Data Ownership > Data Ownership Authorizations. You can change the authorizations of each employee by documents.



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