Data Management in SAP Business One

Nov 1, 2015 1:32:00 PM

Last time we talked about Implementation Center, which allowed you to streamline and simplify the implementation process in SAP Business One. This article is sequel to Implementation Center in SAP Business One.

When we choose Administration > System Initialization > Implementation Center > Implementation Tasks, we can also manage data, such as copying data and importing data.


Copying Data

When you choose Copy Data Between Companies, a window called Quick Copy will pop out. Copying in this way doesn’t need preparations or pre-formatting and will notify about the data dependencies before starting copying. The operation is similar as Copy to/Copy from.


There are some notices of Quick Copy:

  • This function copy not only the setup and customization data, but also master data records from the test system to production system. But Quick Copy cannot copy transactional data.
  • This function applies changes made in one company to one or more companies and are able to copy the updates in partner’s solution.

Importing Data

There are several situations and correspond tools to importing data, but at first, we need an excel file which contains the data in a formatted structure, then we can try to import data.

One situation is when it is the first time to implement, which usually need you to import all the data from a 3rd party system(s) into SAP Business One. This kind of data set usually involves large amount of data, Data Transfer Workbench(DTW) may be a good choice.


Another situation is ongoing updates, which recommend using the Import from Excel tool. For updating transactional records, recommend using the DTW.



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