Create Your Financial Reports Templates in SAP Business One

Oct 4, 2015 6:55:09 PM

Financial Report gives you direct information of your company. Since each company has their own characteristic and main business, a customized financial report will save a lot of time and is more efficient. Consider this need, SAP Business One allow you make your own report.

Where is the setting

Click Financials > Financial Report Template, then you can see a window pop up like below.


How to create a new template


  1. Report allow you to choose which kind of report you want
  2. Template include all the template are available now and you may create a new one here
  3. Account Name can be changed anytime based on your need
  4. 4TH and 5TH allow you to create your own template. You may add any account here you want, and don’t forget to update at the end
  5. Generate Standard Chart of Accounts gives you a short path of a standard format, and you may directly change from this format
  6. Double each category, you will be able to choose which chart of accounts need to be shown in this report templates.

Financial Report Templates

Where to use new template

You may find it when you generate the report.



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