Copy Document in SAP Business One

Jun 28, 2015 4:20:13 PM

Why Copy function is important and useful?

The important of Copy To/Copy From and ability to Copy To/from another file in SAP Business One, such as Excel is the same as the important of copy in computer. This function can save your time and most important, it can reduce the possibility of errors.

How can we use copy function?

  1. Copy between SAP documents

We may use Copy To/From to copy documents.

Copy From: choose a base document or documents and copy all the information into this new documents. You are not able to change any part of information during copying. The icon is at the right bottom of the picture.


Copy To: Copy the file to a new document. The icon is at the same location.

  1. Copy To/From an Excel file

We may also Copy To/From an Excel file.

You may use MS – EXCEL icon to export the data.


If you want to copy data to the SAP Business One, Just copy the information from Excel and use Paste.


Notice on Copy Function

  1. No options are available on how items are copied. However, you may delete items and adjust quantities after copying.
  2. Copy From can deal with several documents at same time.
  3. Regardless of the method you use Copy To or Copy From, when you save a target document that contains all of a base documents items and quantities, the base document will be closed and you will not be able to copy it again to another document.

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