Consolidating Business Partners in SAP Business One

May 28, 2016 2:19:53 PM

How do you deal with the situation when you send invoices to multiple branches or when the payment is received at the head office? SAP Business One allows you to consolidate customer and vendor information so you can optimize the delivery of goods and invoices for various customers and vendors. It also works for when you need to send goods to multiple branches after invoicing the head office.

Go to Business Partners > Business Partner Master Data and open the master data you want to consolidate. Click “Accounting” tab and choose the consolidating BP.


There are two consolidating ways: Payment Consolidation and Delivery Consolidation:

Payment Consolidation display the transactions of the consolidated business partners when creating payment for the consolidating business partner.

Delivery Consolidation will displayed the deliveries/goods receipts POs of the consolidated business partners when creating invoice for the consolidating business partner.

For example, if we create BP Master Data “consolidating test” and choose Payment Consolidation, and build A\R Invoice of consolidating test. The journal Entry will show up like below:


Also the relationship map will related to the consolidating BP.



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