Have a buy or sell an item by different unit of measure? Do you still create different master data to solve this problem?

Well, after SAP Business One version 9.0, we are able to translate units once you define them. For example, if a company purchases paper by weight but manage the inventory by packages or carton, we can only have one item master data and define the rule of translation.

To define the rule of translation, at first, we need to go to Administration > Setup > Inventory > Unit of Measure, and set up the UoM.


Then go to Administration > Setup > Inventory > Unit of Measure Group, and set up the group.


After all the preparing work, we are able to create Item Master Data, go to Inventory > Item Master Data and define “UoM Group.


Finally, you may go to A\P Invoice, Sales Order, A\R Invoice and other files to define UoM Code based on your need. You may find that in the example, different UoM Codes have different Price per Unit, which based on how you define all the things.


by MTC Systems on May 15, 2016 1:38:40 PM

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