Use Shipped Goods Account

Sep 13, 2018 12:49:17 PM

For companies that manage perpetual inventory, SAP Business One allows them to record inventory transactions in the preferred accounts. If you want to record the transaction of delivery to the Shipped Goods account rather than the COGS account, SAP Business One makes it easy for you with a couple checkboxes labeled “Use Shipped Goods Account.”

To apply this company-wide, you can go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > BP and then check Use Shipped Goods Account for Customer.

Use Shipped Goods Account for Customer General Settings


To apply this for a particular customer, you can open up that customer’s Business Partner Master Data window and go to Accounting > General. The Use Shipped Goods Account checkbox will be near the bottom.


Use Shipped Goods Account for Customer Business Partner Master Data


For more information about running perpetual inventory, check out our article Serial/Batch Valuation Method in SAP Business One




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