Did you know that the SAP Support Portal had a relaunch on April 26th? Now, in it's place stands a redesigned and more streamlined website that is mobile-enabled.

Why should this matter if you're an Business One Customer or Partner?

Well, for customers it means that support content from the SAP Business One Customer Portal now has a new home on the SAP Support Portal at http://support.sap.com

And for partners it means you need to know about it too, so that you can keep your customers informed.

Ok. So this looks a lot different to what you are used to. Where do you go for SAP Business One support content?

You can find your new home on SAP Support Portal via Offerings & Programs  >  Support for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises   >  SAP Business One

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What information appears here?

You will find all support-related customer content that was previously available on the SAP Business One Customer Portal here. From how to get support from SAP Business One partners and SAP, to learning more about Support Launchpad for SAP Business One and Remote Support Platform, and lots more resources in between. 

What happens to the SAP Business One Customer Portal?

The original customer portal will be retired a little later this year.

Why should you start using the new SAP Support Portal now?

You will find the most up-to-date customer support information on the new SAP Support Portal. No outdated content here - it has been retired. You will also have a mobile-enabled website that's simpler to use while you are on the move. And the overall design is aligned with other SAP websites.


And for our SAP Business One Partners - check out the fresh look on SAP PartnerEdge which was released yesterday!


by MTC Systems on May 5, 2017 1:25:00 AM

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