The DI Proxy is a component of the SAP Business One Integration Framework which enables data exchange with SAP Business One using DI API transactions. 

This article provides information which is useful if the Integration Framework scenarios have a high DI API transaction volume. 

For example, if many company databases are configured to use Integration Framework scenarios, the processing time of messages in the Integration Framework can be reduced.

64-bit DI Proxy

You can use 64-bit DI Proxy service:

  • To handle bigger payloads
  • For better memory management
  • To improve simultaneous connection for multiple DI Proxy environment

You can switch from 32-bit DI Proxy to 64-bit with the help of SAP Note 1955107.

Multiple DI Proxies and DI Proxy Groups

You can achieve the best performance by deploying one DI Proxy instance for each company database. If you run a high amount of DI transactions for the company database(s), deploy multiple SAP Business One DI Proxies and set up a DI Proxy group for the company database(s). A DI proxy group allows a type of load distribution by processing requests to multiple DI Proxies using a round-robin approach.

Why use a DI Proxy Group?

Using a DI Proxy group will assist with processing messages in parallel by assigning a Proxy group to required company databases in Integration Framework.

Having multiple DI Proxies collected in a DI Proxy group allows you to work with many SAP Business One company databases offering increased throughput in processing of messages.

To define the DI Proxy group, you need to perform below mentioned steps:

  1. First, create multiple instances of DI Proxies with help of chapter 5.1 of pdf document, attached to SAP Note 1993784.
  2. Then define DI Proxy group with help of chapter 5.2 of pdf document, attached to SAP Note 1993784.
  3. Assign the DI Proxy group to company databases, via Integration Framework → SLD for which you want to improve performance. See chapter 5.3 of pdf document, attached to SAP Note 1993784.

Assign sufficient memory to DI Proxy

If you work with large documents, then you can allocate more memory to DI Proxies to ensure that the system can manage the requirements efficiently. Please check SAP Note 2354463 for more details.

For other possible performance improvements, see SAP Notes 2245936, 2192737, 1873607 (section 8).

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