You want to keep on top of the latest features for SAP Business One Cloud. We want that too! So here are two important functionalities you should be aware of.

#1: In-place Upgrade during Tenant Registration

Upgrading a tenant is a common operation when you work in an SAP Business One Cloud.  

You need to select a target Service Unit running the version of SAP Business One to which you want to upgrade the tenant. Then the application moves the tenant to the new Service Unit, and then upgrades the company database of the tenant. 

But what if you need to quickly create a tenant on your target Service Unit to on-board your customer into your SAP Business One Cloud infrastructure and you do not have a Service Unit on the exact same Business One version as your customer database version?  

As of SAP Business One Cloud 1.1 PL07 we introduced a new functionality. During Tenant registration, the database will automatically upgrade to the version of target Service Unit. 

  1. Firstly, you need to import the SAP HANA schema on your Database Instance registered for target Service Unit. 
  2. Once the schema is imported and its data consistency ensured, the Cloud operator can register it to Target Service Unit. 
  3. From the left pane of Cloud Control Center for SAP Business One, choose Customer Management  Tenants and click the Registerbutton. This opens the Tenant Registration Wizard where you find information about the upgrade process in the Tenant Informationwindow. 
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4. The Cloud Operator can register the SAP HANA schema to any Service Unit. There is no version check enforced. However, the prerequisite is that the target service unit has the same version as or higher version than the version of tenant you want to register.

See SAP Note 2306971 and SAP Note 2159531 for detailed information.

#2: A Change to User Access Portal (UAP)

Did you know that as of SAP Business One Cloud 1.1 PL07, the User Access Portal (UAP) installer has been changed?

The old UAP installer was removed from the installation package and replaced with the new SAP Business One Cloud Setup Wizard (path: \User Access Portal\install.exe). This SAP Business One Cloud Setup Wizard now provides the only option to install the UAP for Browser Access.

The SAP Business One Cloud Setup Wizard is installed as a new application and it does not upgrade or uninstall any previous version of UAP. SAP Business One Cloud UAP for Remote Desktop Services and SAP Business One Cloud UAP for Citrix are no longer supported and you will need to customize them yourself.

As both versions of UAP can coexist on the same machine, you may need to use a different port for the UAP when using the Cloud Setup Wizard. Although a previous version of UAP may still work with the System Landscape Directory for some time, we recommend installing the new UAP for Browser Access using the Cloud Setup Wizard. 

Additionally, you can refer to SAP Note 2373769.

I hope you find this information useful and it keeps you well informed in your SAP Business One Cloud journey!



by MTC Systems on Nov 30, 2017 9:26:00 PM

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