Hello everyone! I hope it's not too late to send best wishes for a wonderful 2018!

In December 2016, my colleagues and I in the SAP Business One support team began writing articles for our partners. Throughout 2017 we shared our knowledge and tips on a variety of topics, with lots of our support team realising a hidden enthusiasm for writing!

So I thought I would let you know which were the most read and shared articles of 2017 before we launched into our new content for 2018.

Support Spotlight Top SAP Business One Support articles from 20171

Top 5 Support Spotlight Articles of 2017:

  1. All You Need to Know about Schema Export and Import for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA. Our team of experts explain how to export and import schemas in the SAP HANA Studio with some additional information on the SAP Business One Backup Service.
  2. Support Spotlight: Two Important Functionalities for SAP Business One Cloud. Our Cloud expert talks about In-place Upgrade during Tenant Registration and an important change to User Access Portal.
  3. Support Spotlight: How to Check the Changes between Patches in SAP Business One DI API and UI API. Self-explanatory title, if you've ever wanted to know what changes are made in the latest patch and how to find them!
  4. Support Spotlight: Tips for Approval Process with Delivery Date Changes in 9.3 Clearly explained support tip to help you work with the approval functionality in SAP Business One 9.3.
  5. Support Spotlight: Journey of an SAP Business One Upgrade incident. Our expert explains the journey of a typical upgrade incident.

And if you've only seen some of our articles and you're wondering what you might have missed, you can see the complete list here (login required).

Happy reading!



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