Create test environments with Chef

Creating an environment for anything is tedious: create machine, install OS, format hard disk, configure network, install software A, install software B, reboot machine, install software C, rinse end repeat. Whether it’s one environment, five, ten, or fifty… It’s time to upgrade to the right tools for the job!

The tools you will want are called an Orchestrator and aConfiguration Manager. In a cloud environment, the Orchestrator is the part that will create the machines for you (however, on an On-Premise environment, that job will still be yours). The Configuration Manager is there to automatically configure the created machine for you.

Today, we are going to talk about the Configuration Manager called Chef and how to use it to create SAP Business One test environments.

Chef you said?


Chef is used across the industry to automate the configuration of large and small infrastructure. It uses Recipes to represent specific steps of a machine configuration: for example, a Recipe to install SAP HANA Studio, another to configure the machine’s network, etc. Recipes are collected into Cookbooks: A Cookbook for SAP Business One, a Cookbook for SAP HANA, a Cookbook for network configuration and so on...

Simply put, once you have a Chef server setup in your environment, you can make it download the Cookbooks you will need. 

The SAP Business One Support team created the Cookbooks that can create SAP Business One test environments automatically through Chef. At the moment, SAP Business One On-Premise and SAP Business One version of HANA are available, but we are already writing much more!

In addition, writing new Cookbooks will enable you to add your own flavor to the automation and for example install your own add-ons onto environments.

Where can you find more information?

The SAP Business One Cookbooks are located on GitHub:

In addition, we published a tutorial how to setup a basic Chef infrastructure with SAP Business One here (login required).

The future

Chef is the Configuration Manager used internally by the SAP Business One department and we are constantly developing new Cookbooks and improving on the existing ones. This means you will see more and more Cookbooks helping you build an even better automated infrastructure.


Wondering what else the SAP Business One Support team have written about? You can see the complete list here (login required).



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