By now, it is likely that you have being preparing for EU General Data Protection Regulation or EU GDPR. Though this is a new set of laws within the European Union (EU) which replace the old Data Protection Directive, this also affects companies outside of the EU having business dealings within the EU. 

For 20 years SAP, has focused on data privacy as a critical aspect of digital transformation – long before the GDPR was introduced. Data protection and privacy is part of our DNA and SAP protects the rights of our employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and more. Please do have a look at SAP Note 2590321 - Upgrade recommendations to support GDPR compliance

SAP SME Support have participated in a GDPR compliance readiness project to be GDPR ready before May 25th, 2018.

Support Spotlight EU GDPR and SAP Business One Support1

Below are some useful links that will fill you in on the must-know basics.

Read the Global Data Protection and Privacy Policy

SAP GDPR Compliance

We would also like to promote what we find to be a very complete blog post on this topic by Marie-Laurence Poujois from our SAP Business One roll out team: 

SAP Business One 9.3 PL04 includes new functionality to help in GDPR compliance

We hope we have given you new insights in the area of EU GDPR.

*Disclaimer: SAP offers support for the integrated GDPR compliance options within SAP Business One. SAP does not offer legal advice and SAP cannot be hold responsible for the GDPR compliance of your organization.



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