Improving your support experience is a priority for us. With that in mind, we have developed features that will help both you and us to improve accessibility and efficiency in resolving customer issues.

Coming Soon: Hello GoToAssist! Goodbye WebEx! 

So what is GoToAssist exactly? It is one of the connection types offered by Remote Connection for SAP Business One. It is free of charge and offers a state-of-the-art security level.

One of the services that you will be able to book through GoToAssist will be remote meetings. Therefore, the current meeting tool WebEx will be replaced by GoToAssist from April 1st 2017. Check this page to keep yourself informed about enablement sessions on GoToAssist in the coming weeks.

What Do You Need to Do?

At a very high level, you will need to:

  1. Install Remote Support Platform (RSP) 3.2 PL03 or higher for your customers
  2. Run SAP Remote Connection Installation Wizard
  3. Use GoToAssist to book a remote meeting with SAP Business One Support from April 1st onwards

Remind Me: What is Remote Connection for SAP Business One?

The Remote Connection, formerly known as “Service Connection”, allows a remote connection from SAP to a customer’s SAP Business One environment on a request and approval basis following industry standard security protocols and guidance.

The functionality itself has been available for most of SAP’s customers for many years, however for SAP Business One, the SAP Remote Connection Installation Wizard simplifies the overall approach and deployment for customers and partners. We are leveraging the software application SAProuter, which provides a remote connection between our customer's network and SAP.

Support Spotlight Coming Soon - GoToAssist replacing WebEx2

There are useful enhancements to make the support experience more efficient for you and the customer. Some of the key benefits that you can look forward to from SAP Remote Support Platform (RSP) 3.2 PL03 onwards are:

  • A web-based free of charge remote-support technology called GoToAssist which offers state of the art security. This tool enables SAP Business One Support to analyze and resolve technical issues online using screen sharing, mouse and keyboard control.
  • Remote access to the SAP Business One customer system which reduces the need to transfer a customer database to SAP
  • Faster resolution times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Secure and customer controlled management of Remote Connection


Watch the 10 minute YouTube video for a deeper understanding of Remote Connection and its capabilities. And then try it for yourself!

Support Spotlight Coming Soon - GoToAssist replacing WebEx1


Anything Else You Should Know…?

There are other remote services currently available. Check out the list below to make sure you are not missing out!

We hope you will take advantage of these tools and services!


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