You may have read a little about Remote Connectivity in some of our previous articles about RSP and GTA.

Today, I want to tell you more about it and especially highlight the benefits it has for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

What is Remote Connection for SAP Business One?

The Remote Connection, formerly known as “Service Connection”, allows a remote connection from SAP to a customer’s SAP Business One environment, on a request and approval basis, following industry standard security protocols and guidance.

The functionality itself has been available for most of SAP’s customers for many years. However, for SAP Business One, the SAP Remote Connection Installation Wizard simplifies the overall approach and deployment for customers and partners. We are leveraging the software application SAProuter, which provides a remote connection between our customer's network and SAP.

Why is Remote Connection the best choice for your productivity?

-       The customer can geographically be situated in an entirely different time zone.

-       Remote Connection allows partners to save time and effort, as the session can take place outside of business hours.

-       Remote Connection is a prerequisite for HANA Customers.

-       Flexibility to Open and Close a connection securely for SAP Business One Support to work on reported scenarios. Additionally, the “System logbook” provides the detailed logging for a customer to see an overview of all remote access related entries for each maintained system.

-       Securely saves the customer login credentials under the “Customer Logon Data”

How are things more effective with Remote Connection for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA?

-     There is around-the-clock remote access provided to SAP Business One Support for diagnostics and investigation. This allows partners to focus on other major tasks.

-     With continuous remote access of the customer system, SAP Business One Support can obtain the important technical details themselves, avoiding the need for multiple requests for information.

-     In a web-based attended session, partners can showcase scenarios to SAP Business One Support. However, in certain cases the scenarios are not always reproducible or the time frame is unknown. In those cases, SAP HANA Database connection (s-user required) direct access via remote replication in HANA Studio helps SAP Business One Support to work consistently and monitor the situation.

Watch this 10 minute YouTube video for a deeper understanding of Remote Connection and its capabilities.

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