In SAP Business One Support, we have always taken security and data protection very seriously. For many years now we have been taking part in annual internal and external audits in each of our Global Support Centers worldwide. Security and Data Protection are not just buzz words for us but how we work.

Our Support processes are all designed with security and data protection in mind and ensuring that they conform to the highest standards that we in SAP are audited against.


How does SAP ensure your Data is Secure?

Support Spotlight 3 Ways SAP Keeps Your Data Safe1


1. Security Policies & Standards

The security standards provided by SAP are among the most stringent in the industry focusing on processes, technology and people. Mandatory security policies, regular security checks, and continuous monitoring constitute the pillars of SAP’s core security strategy. 

Support Spotlight 3 Ways SAP Keeps Your Data Safe2


2. Security Awareness & Training

SAP is focused on raising security awareness within the company and the entire SAP SME unit workforce worldwide receives a targeted data protection and information security-focused training. Ongoing privacy education and awareness training gives all employees access to the information needed to recognize and properly handle personal information, on a day-to-day basis. 

Support Spotlight 3 Ways SAP Keeps Your Data Safe3


3. Regular Audits

In SAP Business One Support we are certified against ISO 9001: 2015(which relates to the quality of our services), ISO 27001: 2013 (which relates to the security of our processes) and BS 10012: 2009 (for Data Protection).

Did You Know...?

At SAP, in order to meet legal requirements, we are currently implementing the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation that will take effect as of May 25, 2018.

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