Every business has recurring transactions such as utilities bills that are due monthly. For such transactions, it is a waste of time for users to search for information about the last time the company made the transaction every time they set it up for the current time.

SAP Business One offers posting templates in order to automate recurring transactions and save you time.

You can set them up in Financials > Posting Templates.


Recurring Transactions


First enter a unique Code and Template Description for the template. Then, in the table choose the correct G/L accounts and/or business partners. Finally, for each row specify the percentage in the Debit and Credit columns. They do not need to add up to exactly 100%. However, they do need to be equal to each other.

Finally, click Add, and get ready to save time each month.

Do you have blanket agreements with business partners? Read our article Blanket Agreement in SAP Business One .


by Darren Jansen on Sep 13, 2018 2:32:47 PM

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