Relationship Map in SAP Business One

Jun 25, 2015 8:43:21 PM

Why do we want to use Relationship Map?

The SAP Business One Relationship map is a graphical tree of the base document and target document. When you start with only one piece of information, Relationship map is helpful to get the whole procedure of process.

How can we build a Relationship Map?

  1. Choose the master data and item that you are interested in
  2. Right click and choose Relationship Map.


Then a Relationship Map show up!


Play with Relationship Map

  1. In the graphic, the user has opened the relationship map from a sales quotation. The sales quotation is yellow because it is the entry point to the relationship map.
  2. From the relationship map, you can double-click on any icon to open a document within the chain to see the document details, addresses, payment terms and so on. For example, if I double click Delivery. The information below is the information of Delivery.


  1. Different views can be selected in the selection box. You can view the documents, related journal entry postings, or items from the rows of the documents.



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