Different companies have different rules for documents. For example, imagine that your customer’s sales process includes a document chain from Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery to A/R Invoice, and you need to print them out. Actually, rather than printing them out one-by-one, you may use Print Sequence to save your time in SAP Business One.

Go to Administration > Setup > General > Report and Layout Manager and select the document on the list. Click Printing Segs and create a new sequence based on your need.


Then after you finish A/R Invoice and click File > Print Sequence, you may choose the sequences you need.


You may choose to print Invoice only, Invoice + Payment or Invoice and Payment in Succession. Also, you can preview a sequence of documents and send them by mail. Finally, all the related documents will show in the specified file.



by MTC Systems on Oct 30, 2016 5:15:00 AM

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