Add Negative Sign in SAP Business One G/L Account

Oct 12, 2018 1:09:40 PM

Each company has its own rules to create and manage the G/L Account. When setting up a new SAP Business One system, the company needs to create its G/L Account. This task can be tedious and includes many details.

SAP Business One always tries to give as many choices as possible to customers. If users go to Administration > System Initialization > Company Details and click Basic Initialization tab, they can choose whether to display credit balance with negative sign. Please notice the setting cannot be changed once the transactions have been posted.




Once the choice has been made, users will also have to enter the credit opening balances of business partners and G/L accounts with negative sign.


If you are interested in how to manage cancellation, please visit Manage Document Cancellation in SAP Business One.


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