Managing activities is an important part of every CRM. You may need to track a potential customer for several months or even years. An activity may be closed for some reason and then need to be reopened later. SAP Business One offers a comprehensive CRM system, which includes Business Partner Master Data, Campaign, Opportunity, Report, and Activity.

Beginning with SAP Business One 9.2, the system enhances some functions in Activities to make them more flexible for users. SAP Business One allows users to create infinite Activities. To improve efficiency and reduce useless data, users can choose “Inactive” or “Close” for an activity. If a user clicks “Inactive,” the activity won’t show up on the CRM Report; If the user chooses “Close,” the activity will still show up on the CRM Report, but can no longer be modified.


In case the activity needs to be reopened and modified, SAP Business One has the option to “Reopen” in the right-click context menu.



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by MTC Systems on Nov 20, 2016 3:21:00 AM

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