SAP Business One Key Features Released in Various Patches

12/1/17 9:48 PM

SAP Business One 9.0 New Features

  1. Advanced G/L Account Determination
  2. Deferred Tax Enablement in Manual Journal Entries
  3. Fixed Assets
  4. Internal Reconciliation Enhancements
  5. Down Payment Request Reconciliation
  6. Intrastat Declaration
  7. Workflow
  8. Cancellation of Sales and Purchasing Documents
  9. Adjusting Total Freight in Goods Receipt POs via on A/P Reserve Invoices
  10. Adjusting Item Cost in Non-Based A/R Return and A/R Credit Memo
  11. Purchase Request
  12. Landed Costs Based on A/P Invoice
  13. Payment, Check, and Deposit Cancellation Improvements
  14. Payment Wizard Supports Correction Invoices
  15. Bin Locations
  16. Multiple Unit of Measurement (UoM)
  17. Price List and Discount Enhancements
  18. Serial and Batch Items in Drop Ship Warehouses
  19. Inventory Counting
  20. Implementation Center

SAP Business One 9.1 New Features

  1. Significant Email Enhancement (automations)
  2. Permissions Groups
  3. Multiple Branches
  4. Display Goods Receipt PO Balance on BP Record
  5. Display Purchase Order Balance on BP Record
  6. Manufacturing Resources
  7. Negative Payments In Payment Wizard
  8. Multiple Unit of Measure
  9. Serial and Batch Valuation Method
  10. Configurable UI
  11. Hide Functions
  12. Copy and Paste from Excel
  13. User Defined Fields into Main Part of Business One Forms

SAP Business One 9.2 New Features

  1. Approval Procedures re-launched on update of document
  2. Data Ownership Improvements
  3. Gross Freight (tax on frieght option)
  4. Prices Update Wizard
  5. Extension of field length (ie. item code now = 50 characters)
  6. Production Cost Rollup Enhancements
  7. Human Resources Relationship Map
  8. Project Management
  9. Web Broswer Access (HTML 5 Client)
  10. Job Service (eliminates login requirement for alerts to run)
  11. On Premise Support User (used for support and consulting)
  12. UDF link to System Object (system table list instead of custom)
  13. Fixed Assets - Virtual Item
  14. Remote Support Platform 3.2
  15. Enter Key instead of Tab Key

SAP Business One 9.3 New Features

  1. Authorization Simplification
  2. Scheduled Batch Payments
  3. Import from Excel Additional Objects
  4. Electronic File Layout Templates
  5. Approval Procedure Enhancements
  6. Analytic Portal (HANA)
  7. Change Log CleanUp Utility
  8. Pervasive Analytics Designer Updates (HANA)
  9. Multi Branch Support Data Ownership
  10. New Cockpit Templates (HANA)
  11. Licencing Updates
  12. Web Based Workflow Management
  13. RMA (Return Mechandise Authorization)
  14. Company Specific Mailer Configuration
  15. Gross Price Redesign
  16. New DI/UI Objects Exposed and Enhanced
  17. Campaign Management Updates
  18. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Supported
  19. Blanket Agreement Updates
  20. X-App Support for Single Sign On
  21. Electronic Invoice Updates (Mexico)
  22. Optimized Logon Connection
  23. CRM Simplification
  24. Electronic File manager Support of Linux (HANA)
  25. Production Routing
  26. Performance Optimization
  27. UoM Batch Selection
  28. Improved Security
  29. Project Management Updates
  30. SAP Business One Components
  31. Internal Cost accounting Transactions
  32. Embedded Incident Reporting
  33. Centralized Payment Engine
  34. SLD Enhancements
  35. COA Aligmnet and Usability
  36. RSP 3.2 Enhancements
  37. G/L Account Determinations Updates
  38. My Settings Support
  39. IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition Standard
  40. Resource Capacity Updates




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