Using Add-ons with SAP Business One

6/11/18 4:08 AM

If you’ve been evaluating ERP systems, you know SAP Business One is a single, unified, and powerful system that enables you to manage every function of your daily business operations. But did you know that SAP Business One continues to work as a unified system when you leverage the add-ons available from third-party vendors?

Numerous highly successful SAP partners have designed add-on modules specifically for Business One and have had them certified by SAP. They’re affordable, easy to use, and operate seamlessly within the Business One environment or in tight integration with it.

Add-ons are a critical aspect of Business One, especially for two types of Business One customers: (1) those needing to implement ERP and at least one more system to do everything they need, and (2) those facing requirements that call for extensive customizations to the ERP they choose.

Given there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your operational needs, this post provides a high-level view of the longstanding and finely tuned types of add-ons that deliver value to Business One customers and maximize the ROI of their Business One implementation.

Warehouse Management Systems

Inventory management tools in Business One manage detailed warehouse data, track and record stock movements, record goods receipts and issues, and manage material requirements planning. However, wholesalers and distributors may want to supercharge inventory planning even more, which is possible with a warehouse management system (WMS) add-on available from numerous vendors. A WMS connects SAP Business One's inventory module to handheld scanners, allowing employees to pick-and-pack quickly. WMS also adds powerful functionality like planning the most efficient route through large warehouses, restricting particular items to certain bins or carts, and dealing with catchweights. 

Job Costing

Business man pointing the text Add ValueBusiness One provides Business One for Manufacturing, which offers broad functionality like MRP II and production, advanced planning and scheduling, pool controls, QC, and more. However, if you need more than Business One’s native job costing/project control functionality, there are add-on modules that help job-based manufacturers calculate work in progress faster and more accurately, forecast cost to complete, manage timesheet entry, cost labor, and control jobs/projects based on various financial time periods.

Advanced Shipping for Improved Logistics

Add-on modules integrate Business One with FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping applications to streamline the logistics and freight management process. Such add-ons yield instant access to tracking data and eliminate redundant data entry. They focus on delivering your products to customers quickly and economically through SAP Business One with the least manual intervention.

EDI and Supply Chain

Numerous EDI add-ons connect Business One to individual retailers and/or retail networks as well as backend suppliers. A current trend is using EDI to connect front-end eCommerce solutions through Business One and the backend supply chain, helping companies shrink delivery windows and experience fewer stock outs.

Portals for Special Customer and Partner Self-Service

Many of your partners and B2B customers don’t want to email or call to get what they need – they’ve grown accustomed to sites like and like the self-service environment for handling orders and fulfillment. Luckily, many add-on modules let you quickly launch portals in a B2B marketplace, a vendor self-service portal, and even self-service portals for your employees. These portals can be mobile device-enabled for anytime, anywhere, any device access.


We’ve highlighted just a few of the popular types of add-ons for SAP Business One; there are many others, including ones that address business intelligence, mobile workforce, productivity, advanced document management, and more.

Given how easy it is to add modules that appear within the unified environment of Business One, your business should view them as an opportunity to gain an all-encompassing solution without requiring an additional system purchase beyond ERP.

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