Oct 31, 2017 6:35:26 AM
SAP Business One


Beijing Kang An Li Feng Ltd.


Beijing, China


Consumer - Agriculture

Products and Services

Fruits and vegetables



Annual Revenue

1.5 billion 

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Customer Voice

“Since SAP Business One went on live, our business processing capacity and customer response speed has been significantly improved, providing strong support for the company's management decision-making and operations. We hope the integration of ERP and HANA will be of great help to the rapid development of Kang An Li Feng’s future business.”

Yongli Zhang, General manager, Beijing Kang An Li Feng Ltd.


  • Through the implementation of SAP Business One on HANA agriculture-food solutions, build an integrated finance-business management platform dedicated to agricultural planting and food processing industry.
  • In support of orders from WeChat, provide real-time order processing, deal with frequent change of order items and logistics, to achieve B2B refined management and enhance customer response speed.
  • Get through business processes, achieve refined and standard management of cutting, packaging, orders, e-commerce, inventory, distribution and etc.


  • Project phase I: get through business processes like cutting, processing, packaging, warehousing, micro-store and cold chain logistics, improving operational efficiency;
  • Have an integrated management platform covering finance, production, warehousing, sales, to enhance efficiency and profitability;
  • Achieve the integration of Micro-stores and ERP and O2O solution to deal with frequent order change requirements;
  • Real-time operation management to provide real-time updates of sales, financial and operating statements;
  • Achieve food safety traceability and quality management to ensure that consumers receive fresh and safe food;
  • Fine, multi-dimensional cost and profit analysis, to provide accurate support for business operations.



  • 1000*(1+10%)n
    Nearly one thousand SKU monthly increase rate up to 10%
  • 60% operational efficiency increase compared to manual management
  • 100 tons daily amount of logistics distribution
  • 20,000 tons minimum annual amount of logistics distribution