Why SAP Business One Cloud?

MTC Systems offers a new way to store database, SAP Business One Cloud by Alibaba Cloud. It’s an easy-to-use, yet powerful, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers a highly configurable solution to fully integrate all aspects of your business to help you manage it better. Developed through strong co-innovation with SAP partners, the new release helps speed time to value, gain real-time insight, and increase ease of use and affordability.

With SAP Business One Cloud, you can access the full functionality of SAP Business One. This cloud-based solution is managed and maintained by SAP or SAP partners. You can be sure of access to the most up-to-date functionality without having to use your in-house IT resources to maintain the solution. And working with hosting providers in state-of-the-art data centers, our partners help keep your data safe and secure.

On-Premise or in the Cloud?

Choose the right deployment method

The reasons of Using Cloud-based Inventory Management

Introduction to SAP Business One and AWS


Advantages of SAP Business One Cloud, Powered by Alibaba Cloud



As a world-class cloud, Alibaba Cloud provides stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services for SAP Business One users.

  • Highly available infrastructure and multiple copies of data redundancy for users
  • Resource Access Management (RAM) which is used to reduce the security risks of your enterprise information
  • High-speed performance with flawless security
  • Security isolation


Release your IT employees from server maintenance and infrastructure. Save cost and time while SAP Business One Cloud will be in the capable hands of our certified SAP Business One consultants.

  • No IT dependence
  • No downtime or data loss
  • End hardware refresh cycles
  • Great Scalability


With Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can define a virtual network topology that closely resembles a traditional network that you might operate in your own data center.

  • Access SAP Business One anytime, anywhere, and on any device (PC, MAC, Linux)
  • Real-time Data without region restriction
  • Reduce the risk of corporate data loss


Users can add or remove users easily to meet specific needs in SAP Business One Cloud. Each User is a data isolation and SAP Business One Cloud will keep data safe and flexible.

  • A scalable solution that grows as your business grows
  • Scale users automatically up or down to meet your specific needs


With Great Scalability and other characteristics of Alibaba Cloud, SAP Business One Cloud offers a connected, leaner, faster and more agile organization.

  • Optimized cloud environment to ensure the fastest system performance
  • Deploy time frame faster when compared to on-premise environment


The Alibaba Cloud Experience

Many companies currently running SAP Business One chose the cloud option because of the ease of deployment, lower infrastructure costs, data security, and global scalability. Up to now, Alibaba Cloud has over 1200 nodes across over 70 countries.

  • Great Scalability

    Expand your IT infrastructure rapidly to meet growing business demands

  • Rapid Deployment

    Easily prepare your SAP environment and get it up and running within minutes

  • Cost Effective

    Reduce CapEx by paying for only what you use, with no additional IT infrastructure necessary

  • High Availability

    Utilizes exclusive technology to ensure IT infrastructure services with unparalleled stability

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