Piglet Anyou MTC SAP Business One Success Story

Improving Feed Quality With SAP®Business One Analytics Powered by SAP HANA®

Anyou Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. has more than 8,000 employees in more than 50 plants across China. With more than 1,300 customers and suppliers, Anyou has become one of China's largest agricultural feed production companies.

With this enormous operation, the company also faced enormous challenges. It needed an ERP system that could manage over 50 subsidiaries. It also needed better business intelligence and financial reporting along with better accuracy of data. Further, it needed to track product data more efficiently and effectively. 

Feed quality tracking, in particular, was a critical process for the company which bogged workers down in manual processes which became burdensome for the company. Acquiring simple reports that were basic to operations could take days. 

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Pig Anyou MTC SAP Business One Success Story

Anyou finally chose MTC Systems to implement SAP Business One across its subsidiaries.

MTC Systems, with a reputation of expertise in the agricultural sector, was a clear choice since it had developed custom solutions within SAP Business One for animal feed manufacturers.

Anyou chose SAP Business One since it could integrate the systems of 50 or even more subsidiaries with the head office. In addition, the fast processing power of SAP HANA meant that they could process massive amounts of data quickly, giving decision makers access to reports in moments that would have previously taken days.

The benefits for Anyou have been enormous:

  • From 24 hours to 5 minutes: improved feed quality management that accelerated quality tracking 
  • 67% faster monthly accounting and closing cycle (from 6 to 2 days), including a four-day reduction in the time to create combined financial statements
  • 60 detailed multidimensional cost-management reports covering raw materials, labor, overhead, and utilities
  • 40 subsidiaries in just 18 months: rapid deployment of SAP Business One across entities 
  • As much as 60% increased operational efficiency – from financials to planning to costing to inventory 
  • 10% overall reduction in operational costs
With such drastic improvements in efficiency for processes such as quality tracking and with the improved ability to manage over 50 subsidiaries, Anyou has showed the true power of SAP Business One on HANA.

“SAP Business One analytics powered by SAP HANA was a great investment. It has allowed Anyou to achieve real-time analysis of business processes and financial reporting across multiple group companies. The real-time system helps Anyou avoid operational risks and enhances the company's profitability."

Deng Meng
- CIO - Anyou Group

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