SAP Business One Square Integration

10/20/17 8:08 AM

Now retailers that rely on SAP Business One for everything from accounting and project management to operations and human resources have access to Square’s powerful hardware and point of sale, fast settlement, and financial services.

SAP BusinessOne Square Integration


Larger, enterprise retailers have sophisticated back-office needs like purchase order and human resources management, and SAP Business One gives these retailers the ability to manage and view all their operations. By integrating with Square, sellers using SAP Business One can have that one holistic view for their payments and sales data, and access to financial services and hardware to accept chip cards and Apple Pay.


Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and lifestyle brand based in Winter Park, Florida, founded and owned by husband-and-wife team Anna and Nathan Bond. They have used Square for four years, as Rifle Paper Co. quickly expanded from a small business based out of their home to an international brand. Today Rifle Paper Co. uses the integration with SAP Business One for back-office functions and wholesale ordering, and Square for Retail as its point-of-sale software for its retail store.

Now with the power of Square and SAP Business One, Rifle Paper Co. can manage its entire business in one place. Whether it’s pop-up sample sales or the online store to sell beautifully designed greeting cards and iPhone cases, Square enables Rifle Paper Co. to easily manage its multichannel business through one platform as it continues to grow.

“Square and SAP Business One effortlessly scale with the changing needs of our business, allowing us to focus on our customers as we grow our wholesale and retail channels,” said Tom Gustafson, VP of Operations, Rifle Paper Co.

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