Why SAP Business One on Hana might be a better choice than SQL

4/21/17 6:56 AM

SAP developed the game-changing SAP HANA platform – leveraging the power of inmemory technology to address concerns about growing data volume that impact businesses of all sizes. It provides a modern platform for real-time applications and realtime analytics without complicating your IT landscape.

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, combines content and tools including:

  • All the functionality of SAP Business One – from financials and accounting to inventory and customer relationship management – only with faster response times
  • Powerful new functionality that includes enhanced logic behind cash flow and support for availability-to-promise processes
  • Embedded analytics that appear in the transaction screens of SAP Business One (such as analytics used by sales people to make better customer recommendations on cross- and up-sells at the point of sale)
  • Predefined calculation-intensive reports, such as inventory analysis and monthly customer status
  • Predefined dashboards including those delivered with SAP Crystal solutions today, plus three new ones (sales opportunity, stock analysis, and CEO key performance indicators)
  • Freestyle enterprise search that enables people to search all the data in SAP Business One
  • Interactive, ad-hoc analysis through a Microsoft Excel pivot table interface
  • Predefined semantic layer for interacting with data using familiar business terminology or business intelligence tools like SAP Crystal solutions without needing to understand business rules or know where the data resides
  • Lifecycle management including an initialization and duplication mechanism, backup and recovery, monitoring, and an administration console
  • Additional functionality for the SAP Business One mobile app – including integrated enterprise search, available-to-promise (ATP) check when creating orders, cash flow dashboards, and more – for customers using the SAP HANA platform

From the cost perspective

Currently, SAP uses the same price structure for all SAP Business One License on Hana version and SQL version.  Besides that, customers need to purchase an extra Hana engine license which is almost the same cost as customers have to purchase Ms SQL server license for SAP Business One on SQL version.

The online difference is the hardware requirement for the SAP Server is a little bit higher comparing with SQL version.

For SAP Business One on Cloud customers, their monthly subscription are no difference between Hana version or SQL version.

What type of company can benefit from using SAP Business One when it’s powered by SAP HANA?

Any small business can benefit by using this solution, especially those that operate in industries that process large volumes of transactions or need insight into their companywide data in real time. The solution makes innovation, previously accessible to only large enterprises, available to smaller businesses and within a small business budget.

It may be of interest to net new customers, as well as existing customers of SAP Business One.

What are the customer benefits of SAP Business One when it’s powered by SAP HANA?

With this solution, SAP is making the power of in-memory technology available to small businesses at a reasonable price point. Customers choosing to deploy this new offering can expect:

  • Better, faster decision making due to fast reporting, enterprise search, and access to more data
  • Empowered employees who can generate real-time standard and ad hoc reports without IT assistance
  • Fast transaction processing that allows people to find the information they need, when they need it
  • Higher ROI by leveraging transactional and operational data to make the right decisions
  • The security of a long-term investment with a complete solution from a single vendor

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