Huawei and MTC announced SAP Business One Cloud

11/1/17 2:29 PM

9.5.2017 - MTC Systems announced strategic cooperated with HUAWEI to privide CLOUD-based SAP Business One on HANA Cloud to help small- and medium-sized enterprises focus on services rather than assets, respond timely to service requirements and changes, and simplify their IT architecture and O&M. It provides purchase on demand which represents a cloud computing innovation from the existing rent mode and is a cost-effective business management solution that features comprehensive functions, convenience in use, clear fees, and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive integration: basic functions of quick deployment and extra solutions to meet special requirements

  • Transparent cost: on-demand rent of software, hardware, and service and support to realize cost control

  • Continuous innovation: a professional cloud-based maintenance and update solution to easily obtain and use the latest technologies

  • Good security: an all-round protection of data in the cloud through a series of physical and network security measures

  • High-quality partners: cooperation with reliable SAP partners to deploy the solution


  • A comprehensive and integrated solution that supports on-demand configuration simplifies IT operations and improves business insights.

  • Investment in traditional hardware and software deployment is eliminated to reduce IT cost.

  • Employment of experienced IT staff to manage and provide support for hardware and software is reduced to minimize routine IT cost.

  • Support of quick deployment for service processes is fully utilized to improve service flexibility.

Product Advantages

HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with secure and reliable SAP-certified IaaS computing capabilities. MTC, a SAP-certified Business One golden partner, builds the PaaS platform and provides O&M and a cloud-based information management system. Customers can enjoy the convenience of the most advanced enterprise management software by renting the environment on demand.

  • Intelligent: combination of ERP and AI and query of enterprises' operating data by intelligent question and answer

  • Quick: real-time analysis and upgrade at any time that allows customers to use the latest technology as soon as possible

  • Convenient: global Internet access and easy configuration and use

  • Cost-effective: basis on HUAWEI CLOUD and on-demand purchase, reducing TCO

  • Cost-effective: basis on HUAWEI CLOUD and on-demand purchase, reducing TCO Secure and reliable: HUAWEI CLOUD T3+ level data center construction standards, ensuring high availability of services. SAP Business One focuses on tenant data security and build a multi-layer and multi-dimension security system covering the hardware, system software, virtualization platform, application software, and network. It provides security status of the global network and 10+ security certifications to meet compliance requirements of different regions and industries.

  • Mobile-oriented: access by IOS and Android devices supported

Seek an Industry-specific Solution to Meet Business Development Needs

You can make full use of the industry functions, best practices, and processes provided by SAP Business One. With your enterprise's development, you can also extend the SAP Business One solution by using the SAP Business One workshop, software development kit, or more than 500 extended solutions developed by SAP partners to address specific business and industry challenges.
Consumer Goods IndustryMachinery Manufacturing IndustryProfessional ServicesRetailing IndustryWholesale and Distribution Industry

Implementation and Maintenance

The SAP-certified partner MTC operates the PaaS platform which works with the mature HUAWEI CLOUD IaaS architecture to provide a one-stop cloud ERP solution for enterprises. The solution is based on HUAWEI CLOUD and can greatly reduce the cost of owning the resource management tools of digital enterprises for customers.

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