6 Must-Haves Before Saying Yes To Digital Transformation

7/19/16 9:07 PM

Digitalize or die! Transform or ship out! Connect or cease to exist!

Much has been said about the importance of residing on the digital map. But all too often, companies are left in the dark on how to get there.

To help you get started, here are the foundational building blocks that can propel your business towards digital transformation.

1. Foretelling the future

Businesses must be smart enough to predict the future, rather than blindly following others along the way. However, the technology and solutions you own today most likely will not survive next year – let alone 10 years from now. Your organizational strategy for digitalization should ride on analytics, trends, and research that is forward-looking.

2. Thinking ahead of the customer

Customers might always be right, but they are not always sure, aware, or fully informed. Not only do customers expect a solution to their problems, but they also want you to foresee what they will need in the future. Nowadays, customers are just as likely to ask “How do you see our business down the line?” as “Can you resolve this set of issues?”

3. Breaking complexity and making it simple

Mastering complexity is a competence that outscores all other skills in today’s world. Can you break every stubborn, monolithic block into clear, plain, and uncomplicated pieces? How can you help ensure that the most complicated problems are explained in a simplistic manner and the entire solution is fragmented into clear and concise steps?

4. Waking up to complete transformation

As the physical and digital worlds continue to converge, no single organization can claim to be the exclusive patron of any product, technology, or service. Very soon, your business will wake up to an altogether different area of service. In fact, as demonstrated by the shareconomy, organization are revamping themselves to plunge into untested waters and connect with every remotely related business.

5. Devising ways to connect everything

Hyperconnectivity reigns – plain and simple. If your business does not support interconnectivity among devices, people, machines, systems, and basically everything imaginable, a competitor will provide it and disrupt your business. The Internet of Everything is not merely a buzzword; it’s where our world is heading. Our universe of clicks, gestures, voice, and biometrics scans connects you to every other entity out there.

6. Catering to “here and now” with customization

The customer experience is all about instantaneous delivery and customization. Can tell the customer how they will personally benefit from your product or service? Can the consumer get a hassle-free, personalized, and role-based experience? If not, you should try to achieve it as quickly and perfectly as possible. Otherwise, someone else will.

Source: http://www.digitalistmag.com/digital-economy/2016/06/30/6-must-haves-before-saying-yes-to-digital-transformation-04298520


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