5 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Profitability

7/26/16 11:19 PM

Is your wholesale distribution business as profitable as it could be?  Here are five steps to help you optimize profitability.

Seize Opportunities to Optimize

You’re ready to evaluate your business practices and identify areas of improvement, but maybe aren’t sure where to start exactly. Here are five steps to help you optimize profitability across your entire distribution business.

  1. Automate your chargeback process
    Save time and effort by automating your system for chargebacks and rebates. By logging all sales, payments and transactions in one integrated platform, you can see what is owed and chase it up more easily. That means you get money back faster and have more disposable cash for purchasing or growth initiatives.
  2. React to changing market conditions
    Buy goods when prices are cheaper. Improve inventory management to get a real-time view of your stock, so you buy only what you need at a price that optimizes your profits.
  3. Analyze your cost-to-serve
    By analyzing your customers based on the cost-to-serve them, you can determine how best to do business with customers that will provide you with the most favorable profitability.
  4. Improve supplier relationships
    Take advantage of improved terms and discounts by building good relationships with your suppliers. Streamline your business for improved service performance and offer multi-channel purchasing options for better customer experience.
  5. Integrate planning and execution
    Make smarter, time-sensitive decisions by integrating planning and execution. By joining these two business functions, you can streamline your operations and get a complete, real-time view of your whole business – so you can make faster, more informed choices.

With SAP Business One, a solution designed specifically for small to mid-size distribution businesses, you can automate and integrate your key business functions, saving you time and money. You can easily analyze your spending, and see which customers offer you the best terms and profits. And by automating chargebacks, you can save time and effort chasing payments. All of which can help you optimize the profitability of your business.

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